Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Green Smoothie Blend Of The Day

Hello there Green Smoothie Revolutionaries!

Its a great day with the sun shining, plenty of projects to work on and all the energy I need to stay focused after a really tasty green smoothie to start the day.

When I was really into fresh veggie juicing and lived in Boulder Colorado some years ago, I would love starting my day at the juice bar of Alfalfa's Market. I would drink something like a kale, celery, apple, lemon combo juice and sit around with a bunch of other juicers and have all kinds of high energy conversations about health and vitality.

It's a great energy if you haven't experienced it. For some reason the fresh green juice causes an amazing sensation and mental stimulation that can cause a whirlwind of good energy in the mind and body.

Now that I have been doing only green smoothies I am finding the same bursts of energy that is even better and sustained throughout my green smoothie days. I do my best to have someone to share my smoothies with each morning for the good feelings and great conversations that come out of giving my mind and body some of the best nutrients available in a very simple drink.

Today my particular smoothie blend turned out great!

Here is what I blended:

Three perfectly ripe pears

One medium sized lime (with the outer peel removed and the white part left)

One whole avocado

a nice medium size bunch of red chard

16 ounces of water

That's it, and it came out perfectly tasty and smooth.

There is a good amount of sodium in the chard that mixes really nicely with the tang of the lime and the sweet pears to make a delicious brownish green smoothie. I know the brown doesn't sound too appealing but boy was it delicious!

I do use the avocado pits sometime but today I wasn't in the mood. You may think that is a little crazy but there is a new wave of smoothie blending going on that uses these amazingly powerful blenders that can turn an avocado pit into mush in about 5 seconds. And the nutrient content is the best part.

You can learn more about 3 horse power super blending at my green smoothie site:


For now, give some of my recipes a try and fill up on some of the best and simplest nutrition that you can put into your body and watch for amazing changes in your health and energy.

Here's to your Health and Happiness!


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