Monday, February 25, 2008

The Green Smoothie ~VS~ Toxic Medications

Here is why I think the amazing green smoothie can be an awesome substitute for taking chemical medications that cost tons of money.

Yes, I've taken meds for depression and they have helped. I now drink a green smoothie a day and I feel far better than any meds ever helped me feel and I know that it is because my body is getting proper and vital nutrients from the leafy greens I drink.

Since I have been drinking green smoothies my head has been clear and my moods have been calm and hopeful. When I was on drugs my head was numb and my moods were flat and I was unable to cry and feel much as a healthy expression of transformation.

I am amazed each day that I have had such profound emotional, physical and mental changes from simply adding a green smoothie to my diet every day or so.

You don't have to go and figure out what potions, pills or powders to ingest cause all you do is get out your blender, put in some of your favorite fruits, leafy greens and water and you have a drink that will have you feeling better than you could imagine. That is why I call them the Amazing Green Smoothies.

So, do something very good for yourself and make one, drink it down and get in a habit of doing it everyday. You will be transformed. Let your body heal itself with the proper real nutrients that it craves. You will then find yourself free of the expensive toxic drugs that screw your body and mind up for the long term.

It is important that you learn to be responsible for your own health. Your doctors will sell you what makes them the most money because they are desperate and generally greedy.

Imagine drinking a green smoothie a day and having your health challenges fade away simply because you have chosen to care for yourself in ways that a doctor pushing drugs never will.

I wish you well, truly!


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